Install a Humidifier for Greater Wintertime Comfort

An efficient heating system is important for wintertime comfort and manageable heating bills. However, warm indoor air can create issues with chapped skin, sore throat, higher bills and other discomforts related to dry air. A whole-house humidifier is an excellent add-on system to remedy these issues, and here’s how.Install a Humidifier for Greater Wintertime Comfort

Easy Comfort

When dry wintertime air enters a home and is heated, the air expands but the moisture does not. This decrease in relative humidity exacerbates an already uncomfortable situation. A whole-house humidifier adds just the right amount of moisture to dry indoor air (maintaining 35 to 55 percent humidity), which alleviates and prevents many common issues. Enjoy these benefits with home humidification:

  • The flu and other viruses spread more easily in dry indoor air. Moreover, dry air creates health issues with household occupants, such as dry nose and throat, that make it easier for infection and transmission. Fend off the flu bug with whole-house moisture.
  • Static electricity is caused by the accumulation of electrical charges on dry surfaces, which is why those annoying shocks are so prevalent during wintertime. A humidifier provides a blanket of moisture through your home so you don’t get shocked by your own blanket, clothing or other objects and surfaces you touch.
  • Dry air feels cooler than humidified air. Add a little moisture to indoor air, and turn back the thermostat for energy savings.
  • Dry air extracts moisture from porous objects, which include wooden home structure, wooden furnishings, paper materials and musical instruments.

Easy Install

A whole-house humidifier is easily installed in a day by your HVAC pro. The humidification system is hooked up to the home’s plumbing for automatic water supply and drainage, and a humidistat regulates the amount of moisture added to indoor air. Maintenance involves replacing the media filter and cleaning components, usually just once a year.  Some water is hard on a humidifier but the extra maintenance costs are worth the comfort received.

To enjoy greater wintertime comfort in your Texas Panhandle home, please contact Amarillo Air Conditioning for more information about a whole-house humidifier.

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