Discover the Advantages of a Radiant Heating System

Instead of relying on forced-air systems to move air from warm parts of your house to cold ones, a radiant heating system turns the floors, walls and ceiling of your home into the heat sources. Similar to how a hot stove radiates heat throughout the kitchen, installing conductive tubing or wiring under floor tiles or wall panels allows for the warmth to emanate from all around.Discover the Advantages of a Radiant Heating System

One of the key benefits to radiant heating systems is an increased efficiency. By not wasting energy through ducts, more heat can be brought to living areas at a lowered cost. This makes it a prime green solution for any resident of Amarillo or the greater community. Even though these systems are more expensive to install, their savings over the long-term are worth it, like with most modern eco-friendly home renovations. Furthermore, there is a noticeable increase in comfort around the house.

Another advantage is that radiant heating systems can be controlled individually around the house for specific heating needs and have the fastest response times of average heating systems. They can also be placed closer to areas that see more traffic for maximum results and comfort.

The more energy consuming version of radiant heating uses electricity to supply the heat via loops of wire and can be used as supplemental heating. The other method, hot water, is circulated through loops of 1/2-inch tubing and supplies more cost-efficiency. Either system can be installed in most situations and works best in the floorboards beneath tiles or hardwood. Carpeted floors are generally too well-insulated to suit the radiant heating system and can actually prevent warmth from being enjoyed.

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