Foam or Loose Fill? Even in Amarillo’s Climate, Insulation Choice is Key

Insulation is like a coat around your West Texas home during the winter. Choosing which type of insulation to install doesn’t come up often, but if you’re renovating your home, building a new one or installing a new energy efficient heating and cooling system, you’ll need to choose. While there are many kinds of insulation, let’s talk about the choice between foam or loose fill insulation.Foam or Loose Fill?  Even in Amarillo's Climate, Insulation Choice is Key

Foam insulation, not to be confused with rigid foam board, is a sprayed on liquid. As the liquid cures, it increases in volume, or foams.

When to use foam insulation in Amarillo:

  • You have an old, drafty home. Foam insulation seeps into all the cracks and crevices other types of insulation can’t reach.
  • In a new home, the foam creates an effective air barrier, reducing the need for external wraps and caulking. You’ll need estimates from your contractor to see if the higher price of foam insulation balances out the other costs.

Loose fill insulation is made up of fiberglass strands, cellulose or wool which is blown into place. It has lower insulation values than foam, but it costs a lot less. It’s also heavier than foam, so ensure your contractor has correctly calculated the load on your ceiling if they’re installing it in your attic.

When to use loose fill insulation:

  • Being green is important to you. Loose fill insulation is environmentally friendly—part of it is made from recycled materials.
  • You want to save money. Although you’ll need to have a professional install it, the cost will be less than spray foam.
  • Your home is already well sealed against moisture and heat loss and you don’t need the barrier that spray foam insulation provides.

No matter whether you choose foam or loose fill insulation, good quality is integral to keeping your home comfortable. For a more in-depth overview of your choices, contact Amarillo Air Conditioning.

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