Install a Programmable Thermostat This Fall and Reap Winter Savings

Fall arrives soon in the Texas panhandle which means a welcome break from the scorching summer heat. It’s the perfect time to install a programmable thermostat in preparation for lower temperatures. Programming your thermostat correctly can create considerable winter energy savings. Here are some important points to remember for proper thermostat usage.Install a Programmable Thermostat This Fall and Reap Winter Savings

Don’t Heat/Cool an Empty House
In the fall, students return to school and reduced summer work hours end. This means your house is empty more during the day. Set your thermostat so you’re heating or cooling system runs less when the house is empty. Program it so the temperature returns to a comfortable range shortly before everyone comes home.

Lower Settings at Night
Add a few more blankets to the bed and lower the heat setting on your programmable thermostat during the nighttime hours. It’s a waste of energy to heat a less active house. Have the temperature adjust comfortably before people wake up.

Set It and Forget It
Manually adjusting the temperature on your programmable thermostat all day long negates its ability to save you money and energy. Find suitable day and night temperatures, set them and resist the urge to touch the buttons. Unexpected changes in the weather that cause drastic temperature shifts can require some manual adjustment to your system. When the weather normalizes again, resume your normal program.

Heat/Cool Select Rooms
If you spend most of your time in one area of the house, consider zoned heating or cooling. This effectively shuts off the heat or air conditioning from unoccupied rooms and can greatly reduce energy usage. Zoning systems working in unison with a programmable thermostat give you fine-tuned control of your whole house comfort.

Commit to Energy Saving
Commit yourself to saving energy and you’re far less likely to waste it by constantly adjusting your system settings. When you’re conscious of how your actions affect energy costs and the environment, you make more efforts to conserve.

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