Raise the Thermostat When You Leave for the Summer — and Other Get-away Pointers

When you take off for cooler weather elsewhere, remember to raise the thermostat for your cooling system, but don’t turn it off altogether. Your home will stay fresher if you let the cooling equipment run and the noise the outdoor condenser makes can signal to a would-be intruder that someone is home during the summer. Raise the Thermostat When You Leave for the Summer -- and Other Get-away Pointers

Before you go, however, it’s a good idea to change the air filter for the air handler and have an HVAC contractor service the unit. Dirty air filters drive up cooling costs, and increase wear and tear on your equipment. If too much dust collects on the evaporator coil, it could cause it to freeze over, which can burn out your compressor.

Having your equipment cleaned and adjusted before you leave cuts down on the cooling costs, as well. HVAC professionals can bring the system back to its original condition, as much as possible. The inspection may turn up small problems that could be larger issues if not taken care of. It’s also a good idea to give the person watching your home the name and phone number of your HVAC contractor.

How high you raise the thermostat when you leave depends on what you’re leaving behind. If you’re leaving live plants, consider keeping your home a bit cooler to cut down on the amount of water they require.

Besides tending to your cooling system, employing these tips can keep your home safer, as well.

  • Put your outdoor lights on timers or a light sensor so they don’t run continually.
  • Unplug the automatic garage door opener and make sure you lock the connecting door to your home.
  • Turn down the water heater or turn it off altogether.
  • Have someone park a car in your driveway from time to time.
  • Check the smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries.
  • Have someone mow the lawn and remove door hangers and flyers from the front of your home.

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