Fans, Fans, Fans: Increase Your Comfort Without Raising Your Energy Costs

Amarillo area residents spend a fair amount of money cooling their homes during the summer, but if you use fans, you can lower your electric bills. Moving air always feels cooler than stagnant air and turning up the thermostat for your cooling system and turning a fan on is a sure way to drop your summertime energy costs.Fans, Fans, Fans: Increase Your Comfort Without Raising Your Energy Costs

Ceiling fan

Such a fan placed in a room you use frequently will increase comfort. Living areas and bedrooms are perfect locations for these devices. If your ceiling isn’t wired or blocked to hold the weight of a ceiling fan, you might want to enlist the services of an electrician or a contractor. A ceiling fan rotates many times a minute and you’ll want to be sure that it won’t tip or fall, which could cause serious harm. If you choose a fan that has a reversing switch, you can use it during the winter, as well.

Exhaust fan

Most bathrooms and kitchens have at least one fan, and while you should use these judiciously, they will remove excessive heat and humidity after showering or cooking. However, they’ll also remove your conditioned air, as well, so making a point to turn the fans off once the room has been ventilated will keep the cool air you’ve paid to condition inside your home.

Attic fan

This type of fan is excellent to have in our region because it pulls the hot air from the attic out. The sun beating on your attic all day makes it excessively hot, and even homes with adequate insulation in the attic will have some degree of heat gain. Bringing in cooler air not only lowers your cooling bills, it increases the life of your roof by keeping it cooler. Choosing a fan with a thermostat or a timer will make operating it effortless.

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