Elevate Your Indoor Air Quality With These HVAC Upgrades

Our homes are the places that we kick off our shoes and relax — safe havens from the world. But if your safe haven is air-tight and energy efficient, it might be the perfect storm for poor air quality. All of the dirt, dust and debris that you track in on your shoes and clothing get trapped in the air of your home. If you don’t have adequate filtration systems and air cleaners to remove them, they get sucked up into your ductwork and distributed throughout the entire house. Further, too much humidity or too little moisture in your home can also create adverse situations. Elevate Your Indoor Air Quality With These HVAC Upgrades

Air pollution indoors is often much worse than outdoor air. This poor indoor air quality can lead to more sinus infections, recurring nasal problems and chest colds, significant allergy issues and other respiratory illnesses. One of the best ways to clear these particles from your air is through the addition of ventilation. Bathroom exhaust fans, kitchen hood fans and a mechanical ventilation system can help.

Whole-home air purification systems attach directly to your forced air ductwork and/or condenser and work alongside of your furnace or air conditioning filter to remove allergens from the home. These systems physically remove or destroy the offending particles through a combination of physical filtration, ultraviolet radiation, and/or carbon-activated materials. Air is pulled into the filter through the return ducts in your home and passes over the filtration media, eliminating harmful particles and destroying potential illness-causing bacteria.

Unlike single room air cleaner units, the whole home option cleans the entire volume of air in the home before it gets to the blower motor. This prevents dust from building up in the duct work and being forced out every time the blower kicks on.

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