Ventilation: 3 Approaches for a More Healthful Home Environment

Good ventilation is essential for maintaining healthful air quality in your Amarillo home. It helps to rid the house of smoke, toxic fumes from cleaning products and furnace combustion. It also helps to keep your home free from condensation moisture, something that can be a real problem during a humid summer day.Ventilation: 3 Approaches for a More Healthful Home Environment

Moisture is a particular problem for new homeowners. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the building materials in a typical new home could contain more than a ton of water that needs to escape the house during that first year. Even older homes can accumulate a lot of excess moisture from activities like taking showers, washing clothes and boiling water.

Three approaches to ventilating your home
Ventilating your home refers to the exchange of indoor and outdoor air. There are three basic approaches to achieving this exchange. The method or combination of methods you use depends on the type of house you have and how it was constructed.

1. Natural. Ventilating your home naturally refers to the uncontrolled air movement from open windows, vents in your attic, cracks around the windows and open doors.

2. Spot. Spot ventilating is most commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens. This refers to removing smoke, moisture and pollutants via exhaust fans or a hood above your stove. Spot and natural ventilation are generally used together.

3. Whole house. A whole house ventilating system uses one of more central fans in conjunction with a network of ducts to bring in clean air and funnel the stale air to the exterior of your house.

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