Professional Energy Evaluations Point Out Weaknesses in Your Home’s Envelope

When it comes to the effectiveness of energy evaluations, it’s hard to argue with the efficiency benefits one of these can yield. With expertise and the right tools, a professional evaluator — or auditor — can determine where your home’s envelope “caves” and where to best target your improvements.

The interview and inspection

Building auditors know how climate conditions, lifestyle patterns and appliance efficiency, along with other factors, work together to dictate a home’s performance. During a professional energy evaluation, the auditor puts this knowledge to work with a personal interview and a visual inspection of the home.

The Tool:

Blower door test — This device features a large fan that fits into most exterior door frames. When the fan starts running, several gauges read the air pressure generated and the overall reduction in airflow. A calibrated blower door test is optimal, as it goes a step beyond the capabilities of an uncalibrated test, which only reads how much air is lost through the home’s exterior. The calibrated test measures air loss, as well as air tightness, a key factor in determining the cost-effectiveness of sealing a home.

With the results of the energy evaluation, run the numbers with your contractor to determine which home improvement projects offer the most bang for your buck. By stopping the undesirable movement of air and heat, you’ll stabilize energy costs and lower your monthly utility bills.

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