Ventilation Solutions For Better Indoor Air Quality

Throughout the winter months, it’s natural for Amarillo area homeowners to keep their homes tightly sealed against the cold. Unfortunately, if your house is too closed off, you could experience problems associated with poor home ventilation. By taking the time to understand why ventilation is so important and taking steps to improve airflow throughout your home, you’ll enjoy a healthier and more comfortable life.

Why is home ventilation necessary?

Although it may come as a surprise to you, the air inside a poorly ventilated home is generally more polluted than the air outdoors. Houses that lack proper ventilation tend to experience problems with moisture (such as mold and mildew growth), odors and the buildup of other pollutants. These particles in the air lead to a significant reduction in indoor air quality and can result in health and respiratory complications. On top of that, excess moisture problems could cause costly damages to your home. Keeping your house ventilated will prevent these issues.

How does my home’s ventilation stack up?

It’s a smart idea to request that your HVAC contractor perform an inspection of your home’s ventilation during your preventive maintenance checkup. He or she will be able to evaluate your home’s specific needs and determine if your house has an adequate combination of natural venting sources (ie: cracks and leaks around windows) and exhaust vents, as well as a sufficient number of air supply and return ducts to keep fresh air flowing through your home. If your house is found to be inadequately ventilated, your contractor may suggest the installation of kitchen hood fans, bathroom exhaust fans, a household mechanical ventilation system, etc. In some cases, fresh air may be introduced to your home through natural sources, but it is not being evenly distributed. Here, an HVAC professional may encourage you to make use of ceiling fans, or to add new supply and return air ducts to improve circulation.

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