How Whole-House Humidification Can Help Prevent Flu In Your Amarillo Home

While no single action will offer comprehensive protection against the flu virus, using whole-house humidification helps create conditions in your home that make contracting cold and flu viruses less likely. Consider installing a humidifier as part of your plan for improved health, along with getting a flu shot and plenty of rest during the winter seasons.

Understanding viruses

While scientists aren’t entirely clear about how flu viruses spread, recent findings now reveal that dry air — a condition that exists in the winter season across the nation as temperatures become cooler — is part of the cause. However, a number of conditions generally combine to make contracting a virus more likely. Here’s what scientists have found:

  • When a person sneezes or coughs, dry air draws moisture that’s released out of the sneeze/cough. But the virus contained in that moisture remains in the air.
  • Dry air also pulls moisture from sinus passages. When sinuses are dry, they’re more likely to attract and hold on to a virus.
  • Viruses wear a coating that forms in cooler temperatures. It’s been found, however, that viruses don’t form this coating in warmer climates. Once the virus gets into the respiratory tract, the coating dissipates. In this state, the virus changes to a liquid state, a form in which it’s more likely to infect a cell.
  • Add to these conditions the fact that scientists believe that viruses remain more stable in cooler temperatures.

Learning effective solutions

As a result of these findings, it’s clear that controlling moisture in the home offers a measure of defense against illness. One of the best ways to control relative humidity in the home is through the use of whole-house humidification. The system typically installs alongside the furnace, whereby the humidifier releases water vapor into the heated air and then delivers that air into every room of the home. Using a humidifier offers additional benefits, too, such as lower heating costs, a more comfortable home and prevention of damage to wood products around the home.

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