Plans For A Two-Story Addition Should Include An HVAC Upgrade Or Addition

Building a two-story addition requires that homeowners consider not just building plans, but HVAC upgrades too. Before you proceed by assuming that you must extend ductwork to accommodate cooling and heating in the new space, consider all your options to maximize convenience, cost savings, efficiency and comfort.

Upgrade the HVAC system

Even if your equipment isn’t all that old, upgrading to a new heat pump, air conditioner or furnace may be your best bet. The equipment will need to service a larger overall space, a job that your existing equipment probably can’t meet. Installing new heating and cooling equipment, however, gives you the opportunity to select a right-sized, highly efficient system to do the job. Run the numbers with your HVAC contractor, keeping in mind that ductwork must be retrofitted to accommodate the new space.

Install a separate HVAC upgrade

If you’re satisfied with your existing equipment, consider purchasing a smaller HVAC upgrade to meet the needs of the two-story addition only. In this scenario, you’ll need to also add the costs of extending ductwork to provide heating and cooling to the addition.

Consider ductless systems

Ductless mini-split heat pumps offer the efficiency of a heat pump, and will both heat and cool your new space with just one system. Further, a ductless unit doesn’t require ductwork, so choosing this option may help you save significantly on the costs to extend ductwork. Up to four air handlers may be installed in a room or area, connected to one outdoor condensing unit via a conduit.

Go solar

For maximum savings when making extensive changes to your home, consider the value of installing a solar-powered system to provide electricity for solar-ready HVAC upgrades — and the rest of the home. The equipment will pay for itself over the years in terms of free energy, and once the savings pay off the investment in the equipment, you’ll continue to receive free electricity.

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