Your Whole-House Humidifier: Tips For Keeping It Humming

Whole-house humidifiers are popular for their ability to restore moisture to the air during dry winter conditions. Consistent use of a whole-house humidifier helps homeowners avoid damage to wood floors and molding, and by maintaining proper relative humidity in the home, occupants can largely avoid health issues that stem from dry air. But in order to reap these benefits, humidifiers require consistent professional maintenance.

Here’s what a humidifier technician should do during a maintenance appointment:

  • Cleaning the unit – A humidifier’s number one enemy, hands down, is the buildup of sediment. Hard water in particular is problematic for humidifiers, as it contains a higher concentration of minerals that impede the cleanliness and proper operation of a whole-house humidifier. During maintenance, the technician will pay close attention to two components particularly subject to buildup: the orifice and the solenoid valve. The orifice meters precise amounts of water into the valve, which then opens to supply the humidifier with water, and closes up when the system shuts off. If these components contain buildup, it will affect the unit’s overall operations. Alternatively, the technician may have to replace these components.
  • Changing the filter – Every whole-house humidifier has a filter or water panel, which water moves through to access the distribution tray. Sediment that builds up on the filter’s tiny holes impedes the movement of water through it, reducing the system’s capacity to humidify.
  • Leveling the unit – To ensure proper system operation, humidifiers must be level. If the system tilts or is lopsided to any degree, the humidifier’s capacity to generate water vapor, and humidify the home, is reduced. Multiple factors may cause a humidifier to shift, including poor installation, gravity or something or someone hitting the unit. Therefore, checking how level the unit is every year is paramount.

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