Professional Energy Evaluations — A Smart Investment

Now that the weather has cooled, looking into energy evaluations can be one of the best investments you make for your home. Sealing those leaks and increasing insulation improve your comfort and lower your energy bills. An energy auditor or HVAC professional can pinpoint exactly where your home has problems that are costing you by increasing the heating and cooling load indoors. Professional Energy Evaluations -- A Smart Investment

The professionals use a blower door to test where your home has leaks. The door contains a large fan inside an adjustable frame. They set it inside one of your exterior doors and when it’s turned on, the fan pulls the air out of your home. As the pressure drops, air comes inside to replace it. Using a thermal scanner or infrared camera, the technicians note where differences in temperature exist.

Likely places include window and exterior door frames, places around the slab, ceilings and in the attic, dryer vents and anywhere that pipes, wires and cables enter your home. Most of these are easy to seal with caulk or expanding foam. Recessed lighting can also be a source of substantial air infiltration. If you’re not familiar with working around wires, a professional can seal them for you.

The best energy evaluations include an in-depth inspection of your ductwork, which may reveal leaks in the ductwork, and which cost you money each time your HVAC equipment runs. Leaking ducts can also pick up dust from your attic or wall cavities, and if you have a gas furnace, could even distribute carbon monoxide throughout your home.

The energy auditor may also want to inspect the insulation levels in the attic. The Department of Energy recommends that you have at least 16 inches in your attic in a cold climate. Adding more is something that lowers your energy bills for decades to come and it’s almost always an affordable project.

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