Ceiling Fans And Your A/C: Use Them Together, And The Cooling’s Better

Pairing your air conditioner with ceiling fans is an ideal way to keep occupied rooms cool without breaking the bank. Using ceiling fans allows you to raise the A/C’s thermostat, effectively saving energy dollars.

How it worksCeiling Fans And Your A/C: Use Them Together, And The Cooling's Better

As a ceiling fan spins, it produces a wind chill effect similar to wind currents on a breezy summer day. The wind chill effect does not cool down the room, but feels cool to those in the room. For the best results, only turn on fans in rooms that are currently occupied. On average, families utilizing ceiling fans are able to raise thermostat settings by up to four degrees.

Selecting and hanging your fan

Selecting the best ceiling fan depends on both the size of the fan and the size of your room. The United States Department of Energy recommends installing ceiling fans in rooms with a ceiling height of eight feet or higher. For optimum results, hang your fan so it sits 10-12 inches below the ceiling.

Determine the square footage of your room in order to determine the appropriate fan size for your space. For rooms 225 square feet or less, choose a fan with a blade diameter between 36 and 44 inches. In larger spaces, choose a fan with a diameter of 52 inches or larger.

Energy efficiency

If you are shopping for a new ceiling fan, look for those with the Energy Star label. These fans are more energy efficient than their counterparts, and will cost you less to operate. Also, consider looking for fans with a wide blade. The wide blade cools the room at a lower velocity.

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