The Ductless Mini Split: All The Advantages Of A Heat Pump, And Even More

The ductless mini split is an excellent solution for many home heating and cooling projects and issues. It is a modified heat pump that offers all the same advantages, plus many more home comfort conveniences and features. The Ductless Mini Split: All The Advantages Of A Heat Pump, And Even More

Installation and maintenance

Features you’ll appreciate include the ease of installation compared to extending ductwork, the lighter maintenance required compared to heat pumps and the greater security compared to a wall or window A/C unit. The entire ductless mini split is comprised of three components:

  • The compressor/condenser are housed in the outdoor unit. The unit is more easily installed than a standard heat pump, and it may be situated more inconspicuously for aesthetics.
  • The conduit extends up to 50 feet from the outdoor unit to the indoor air handlers. The conduit contains the refrigerant tubing, drain line, power cable and suction tubing. The thin conduit only requires a three-inch hole through your home’s exterior wall to connect to the air handlers.
  • The indoor air handlers are typically mounted high on walls or hung flush in drop ceilings for the most efficient airflow and space-saving convenience. The ductless mini split is expandable. You may start with one air handler and upgrade to as many as four as needed.

Efficiency and comfort

Ductless mini splits reach very high efficiency ratings. This is due to their compact design, and the fact that there is no air loss or energy loss through leaky or poorly insulated ductwork. The indoor air handlers can be used as a zoning system, allowing you to cool or heat the areas in your home that you need, as opposed to cooling or heating your entire home like a central system does.

The air handlers typically run at low speeds, which provides comfortable cooling and heating with very low noise levels. Variable-speed air handlers are available for even more energy savings and comfort.

Ductless mini splits are great solutions for your next room addition, or for improving cooling and heating in specific areas or rooms in your home.

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