Home Insulation: A Guide To Insulating Your Walls For Improved Efficiency

The walls in a home account for some of the home’s cooling loss, which is especially expensive in warm climates such as the Texas Panhandle. Home insulation reduces the flow of heat into the house and will eventually pay for itself over time. The most common method of adding insulation to an existing home is to blow it into the wall from several locations, including the inside, outside, basement and attic of the house.Home Insulation: A Guide To Insulating Your Walls For Improved Efficiency


Blowing home insulation into the walls from the inside of the house requires the installer to drill holes through the inside wall. These holes will typically have a diameter between five-eighths of an inch and two inches. The holes will need to patched after the job is completed, and they will usually be covered with impermeable wallpaper or paint. This approach is typically used when the interior walls need to be recovered anyway.


The installation of home insulation from the outside generally involves drilling holes into the exterior siding or removing the siding to access the stud wall. The installer may also be able to create holes by removing individual bricks in the case of brick siding.

Basement and attic

The attic and basement are also possible locations for installing home insulation into the cavity behind a wall. This approach is often preferable when the cavity is open from the top to the bottom of the wall. The installer inserts the tube of the insulation blower all the way into each cavity and fills the cavity with insulation one foot at a time.

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